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"Revealed: Drums Made Easy...The Amazing New Drum Course That Turns Even Complete Newbies Into Killer Drummers Almost Overnight!"

...How To Rapidly Improve Your Drumming Like Never Before ...Whilst Simultaneously Easily Learning To Read Music, Developing Your Own Unique Style And Becoming An Awesome Well Rounded Drummer Able To Play Anything...

From: Mike Ray

Dear Friend,

If you like the drums, this is the most important letter you'll read all year.

Here's why.

  • This amazing new program is perfect for beginners but it's also very in depth... you'll be guided step by step from selecting the right drum kit right through to very advanced drumming.
  • You're about to discover a secret to learn faster, easier, and have more fun with the drums then ever before
  • You'll develop your very own unique drumming style, be able to play any type of music and learn to use the entire range of sounds and beats that the drum kit can create.

In fact, you'll be able to join a band after your 4th lesson (even though the first one is just setting up the kit so it's perfect for you).

What is your current level of drumming skills? (select one)


Learning to play the drums should be fun, easy and FAST!

And when you get a program on drumming, it should cover more than just the basics or some celebrity going nutz on the kit for 15 minutes.

Sure, that's cool, but if you want to learn to play like you've always dreamed, then you need a system that will take you from A to Z. From complete beginner to serious, kick butt, professional drummer.

It should even cover how to get gigs and what to do to ensure your gigs rock!

Here are some amazing facts about learning the drums ...And why you shouldn't even think about learning elsewhere until you read every word of this page!

1Learning to read music is easy, fun and natural when you know the right way to do it!

2Learning short beats and techniques by repetition is the worst thing you can do, because it limits your skill to those beats! Our system teaches you whilst simultaneously developing your own unique style and teaching you how to use each beat or technique in many ways... so you rapidly become a well rounded drummer, able to play anything!

3 The pros know that 90% of all gigs on earth (of all styles of music) use the same beat, simply done in slightly different ways. We cover it in lesson 4 and in more detail in lesson 7. Master this simple beat, and you'll be seen as an extremely good drummer.

Learning The Drums At Light Speed

In an ideal system, every lesson builds on the next, and each fill, beat or groove you learn should be able to be used in multiple ways... So you can learn one thing, and use it in many styles of music and situations. The best drum program would also simultaneously teach you and have you develop your very own musical style... so you can create your very own musical statements, beats and fills.

Imagine being able to play ANY piece of music, even if you've never heard it played before... being able to play any style of music (like Rock, Country, Punk, Latin, Dixie Land, Polka, Cuban, Hip Hop, Blues, Jazz or anything else like marching bands).

What would it be like if you could play like your favorite drummers?

Now, with our new system, you can!

Drum Lessons Like You've Never Seen Them

You see, I'm just a guy who lives in Sydney Australia. Now, there's some great drum teachers down here, but they charge a lot per lesson. And if I wanted to review the lesson or a demo of a beat again I couldn't, unless I paid for another session!

Think about that for a moment... what if before you practiced a beat, fill or groove, you could see a great demo as many times as you wanted? It would be like having your very own, personal mentor to help you master the drums, step by step... available 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

Experts in any area of life become so skillful by practicing excellence.

If you see something done once in a lesson, then practice it wrong, even slightly, it hurts your progress dramatically. And even though everyone has their own style, good drummers know the shortcuts that make all the difference in speed, flexibility and endurance in their playing.


Get these key things right, and you make progress REALLY fast.

So I looked at the beginner's dvds on drumming. Some were great, but left me still a beginner.. able to play but certainly not able to start doing paid gigs. Others were fun and interesting, but after I'd watched it once, I put it on the shelf with all my other drum magazines and stuff... because it didn't take me step by step, and was so popular because of the celebrity in it, rather than the "how to" content.

I was so annoyed with the current options to learn the drums, I did something drastic ... I spent a year finding a down to earth, professional drummer who not only has traveled the world with his drumming but who's playing has been featured in multi million dollar advertisements, (the most recent being one for Coors Light) plays in a successful band and lives drumming every day of his life.

But more than that, someone who was not just well known, but friendly, a great teacher and willing to share his secrets, so I too could be a great drummer as fast as possible.

My search ended when I found Shane "Steel" O'Neill... a rising Australian drummer who's band are managed by the same guy who managed ACDC. Shane in studio

Months later, the final result was an incredible series of drumming lessons (34 in depth lessons over 3 jam packed DVDs worth!) all built together so anyone could rapidly become an excellent drummer.

We Called It "Drums Made Easy"

The "Drums Made Easy Home Study Course" takes you from complete beginner to advanced, but it also rapidly develops your drumming flexibility, speed, co-ordination, and skill...

Whilst simultaneously giving you the ability to read music, and turning you into a well rounded drummer... able to do an awesome original drum solo, play all styles of music, and have your very own drumming style, able to easily create your own beats, fills and more!

In fact, after the 4th lesson you'll be able to join a band and get paid gigs. After the the 7th lesson, you'll know exactly what you need to know so you can play at 90% of gigs around the world.

(Hint: They ALL use the same beat, done slightly differently... but only 'masters' know this secret, that's why they appear so talented)

The course is on DVDs so that means you can watch each lesson over and over again and proceed at your own pace!

And of course, Shane makes the material fun and relaxed... because drumming should be fun, right? :-)

Just some of what the course includes:

  • How to play all styles of music on the drums, even if you've never heard it before
  • Everything you need to know to become an advanced drummer, step by step from complete beginner all the way through. (Including how to read music... but it's taught so you learn it easily and automatically as part of the lessons!)
  • Loads of beats, fills and grooves keeps it interesting and shows you how to apply one thing in multiple ways
  • Great clear demos both fast, normal and slow so you can easily master the material
  • Drum solos made easy... enjoy the speed, flexibility and originality of playing you've always wanted
  • A secret method to develop your own unique style and massively fast track your skills and flexibility, we call it the Master Sheet Method and I've never seen ANYONE else teach it.
  • Enough variations and lesson material to keep you busy for many YEARS to come.

Lessons Previews:

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*Note: These web previews are much lower picture quality than the course (The original DVDs were filmed in High Definition!)

Drum Solos Made Easy:

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Some Of The Recent Success Stories We've Received...

"I've always wanted to be an extremely good drummer. Thanks to you Shane, I now know what to do, step by step! ... rock on dude" - Mark Sykes, Sydney Australia

"..being a girl, with old fashioned parents, learning to play the drums has always been a bit tough... not that girls can't play or anything just that the stereotypes and stuff made learning the basics a bit harder for me then my brother... I was surfing the net for some intermediate fills and found your course. And after a weekend of getting into it, I have to say it delivers 100% on what you promised, it really is step by step from beginner to advanced, and fun! I'm better already, in fact my brother wants to know how I suddenly got so good! I especially like how I can now play all styles of music on the drums - Jessica Rothwell, UK

"Fantastic course shane, well done! That secret method of developing flexibility and your own unique style is pure genius!Your bands good too, if you're back playing in London let me know so I can come to your gig - Tim Walker, England

"I was given your course as a present a month ago as part of my new drum kit... I'm a lucky boy what can I say :-) .... anyway, just wanted to drop you an email and tell you how impressed my friends are with my drumming. My school music teacher has no idea how I suddently got so good... he's calling me a "prodigy" lol, nah... just doing the exercises like you said in the DVDs. Can;t wait to practice now, it's so much fun when you can play really cool beats and fills" - Jerome L, USA

"I really liked the bits about getting gigs and the ADVANCED material. There's a s**t load of other drumming stuff out there, and in all honesty your Home Study course is the BEST by far! You have more great content and beats, fills and grooves then any other DVD I've seen... thanks shane, great work" - Chris Peters, Brisbane, Australia

These 34 step by step lessons, (Over 6 hours Of Fantastic Footage! ) also come with a detailed 150+ page workbook filled with exercises and more.

You'll Get These Four Limited Bonuses FREE When You Order By Midnight, !

FREE Bonus #1: Drum Shop Secrets DVD ($47 Value)

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*Note: This web preview is much lower picture quality than the course (The original DVDs were filmed in High Definition!)

Learn the insider secrets of getting the most out of your local drum shop. (You can start learning to play with just the right pair of drum sticks!)

  • How to ensure you buy quality when buying second hand
  • How to save hundreds of dollars by getting the right drum kit for you, and how to care for and protect your drums
  • How to tune drums to make sure you get the best sound (and how to change the tuning so it fits your musical style).

FREE Bonus #2: Getting Gigs Made Easy Audio Program! ($69 Value)

This 4 part audio program gives you tips and strategies for getting more gigs then you can handle.

You can only find it here, and it's yours FREE if you order before the deadline.

FREE Bonus #3: Industry Insider Tips (On the Drum Shop Secrets Bonus DVD)! ($69 Value)

  • How to maximize practice results.
  • Different drum careers
  • How to develop the sense of constant time (vital for drummers!) without any extra effort during the lessons
  • Sounding incredible at the gig... get this wrong and the audience will think you suck even if you're the best band on earth!
  • The mental side of drumming... how to make the drums a part of you... fast track your skill development
  • And more!

FREE Bonus #4: Printed Selected Transcripts!

  • Lesson 1 ("Setting Up Your Drum Kit So It's Perfect For You")
  • Drum Shop Secrets Bonus
  • Industry Insider Secrets Bonus
  • Getting Gigs Made Easy Bonus

Get your copy now, click here.

The Drums Made Easy Course Comes With All This:

34 Step By Step Lessons On 3 DVDs, With A Total Of Over 6 hours Of Fantastic Footage! Plus The 45 Minutes Audio CD On Getting Gigs, 150+ Page Workbook, Drum Shop Secrets Bonus DVD, Industry Insider Tips Bonus Video, And Much More...

Get Your Copy Now And You'll Receive All This:

  1. 34 Step By Step Drum Lessons (3 DVDs, over 6 hours of lessons taking you from complete beginner to advanced).
  2. Bonus "Drum Shop Secrets" DVD
  3. Bonus "Industry Insider Tips" Video
  4. "Getting Gigs Made Easy" 4 Part Audio Program on CD
  5. Written Transcripts of all the bonuses and Lesson 1 ("Setting Up Your Drum Kit So It's Perfect For You")
  6. Detailed 150+ Page Workbook (filled with great exercises and more)
  7. Free Updates For Life! LIMITED TO NEXT 80 27 10 PEOPLE SOLD OUT!!
  8. Personal Coaching Session With Shane (Shane will personally answer your questions, give you tips and help you with any challenges in this session... anything from technique, to starting a band or getting professional gigs or getting a contract with a record company. It's up to you - it can be by webcam, email or instant chat). LIMITED TO NEXT 20 12 9 7 3 2 PEOPLE SOLD OUT!!

Click here now to reserve your copy

Ordering Is Safe, Easy, And Secure

To get boring old "normal" drum lessons, it would cost you well over $1000 to get just a fraction of what is covered in this amazing course. And since you'll have the DVDs, you can watch each demo and lesson again and again and be taught at your own pace.

You'll never need another drum lesson or DVD with this in depth course by your side.

This course normally sells for up to $797 in it's offline "retail" format.

But when you order over the Internet, I'm able to offer it to you for only $477 (plus $20 p&h). That's a savings of $300.00!

The reason I can offer it at this super low price is because the ordering is done over your computer and I don't have to fork over any stocking fees, commissions to stores and other retail outlet costs. So I pass the savings on to you.

But even at $1000 it would be a bargain because this system works like crazy! Click here now to order your own copy of the "Drums Made Easy Home Study Course"

I know from first hand, personal experience that it does work and I'm so confident you'll love it that I'm offering the following guarantee:

60 Day Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Try The Course ... If You Are Not Totally Satisfied Or You Aren't Such A Kick Butt Drummer Your Friends Are Jealous... Let Us Know Within 60 Days And We'll Refund 100% Of Your Money!

You heard me correctly. This amazing training program really works. And I stand behind it 100%.

Even though you'll see results on your very first day, I'd like to let you "test drive" the system for at least a full month.

Then if you aren't absolutely thrilled with it for any reason (or for no reason at all) just let me know, sent it back in resalable condition (opened is fine just not damaged), and I'll give you a full refund (minus P&H) with no questions asked.

Either you love it or you get a refund. Wouldn't it be great if everything came with this kind of guarantee?

Order Now lock

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You have absolutely no risk...and everything to gain!

You'll be thrilled with the "Drums Made Easy" program...and you'll be overjoyed by how much fun it is to be able to play the drums extremely well.

Happy Drumming!


Mike Ray (Fellow Drum Enthusiast)


Shane"Steel" O'Neill

P.S. Here are 3 quick reasons why this is the right choice for you to master the drums.

ONE: 145 (and counting) other drummers from 8 different countries have used these secrets to dramatically improve their drumming. Many of these folk have used our system to play just like their favorite drummers.

TWO: In the past few weeks alone, I've received 25 (and counting) success story emails like the ones you read above ...from drummers JUST LIKE YOU who tried this system and loved it.

THREE: Shane's the only person in the drumming industry that'll lead you from complete beginner to advanced, step by step, whilst simultaneously having you develop your own drumming style, able to read music automatically, and play anything you want on the drums. With this course by your side, you'll NEVER need another drum lesson or DVD.

And remember you're covered by the complete 60 day money back guarantee. It doesn't get any more "risk free" than this :-) Get your copy here.

I promise you'll be thrilled with your decision to go forward with this ...and your drumming will thank you for it. Imagine how much fun you will have when there's no "tough beats" to dampen your session on the drums, or if you could seamlessly play along to your favorite song by a drummer you like!

No more hours spent trying to learn by heart some set of beats or fill. No more frustration with trying to read music. No more costly per hour lessons. And you will be good enough to be a professional drummer and know exactly how to get started, get gigs and more.

You have absolutely nothing to lose, but your drumming has everything to gain.

Try my system today. You'll be glad you did. And remember, if you don't absolutely love it, or it doesn't work for you, you can get a full refund.





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